First Steps Course

A course for parents of children aged 0 - 5

  • Why won't our baby sleep?
  • What do we do when our toddler has a tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre?
  • Is it realistic to expect our 3 year old to clean up his or her toys?
  • Should we make our child eat everything on his or her plate?
  • At what age can we begin disciplining our child? How?
  • How do we stimulate their intellectual and emotional development to be ready for school?
  • Why don't we go out any more?


  • By reviewing real life situations (case studies) which help parents think objectively, distinguish important issues and discover their own prejudices.
  • By reflecting on and discussing important criteria and formative approaches in facilitated small group discussions with other parents.
  • Through a series of short talks with practical suggestions.

Course Outline

First Steps is presented over 6 topics:
  • Key aspects of child development
  • Temperament and character
  • Discipline and authority
  • Communication between parents
  • The family environment
  • Play and free time

Aims of 'First Steps'

The course aims to help parents to:
  • Help their children form good behavioural, emotional and intellectual habits while they are at their most receptive stage of development.
  • Set attainable and worthwhile goals (short and long term) for their children.
  • Objectively analyse situations, solve problems and make well informed decisions.
  • Learn how to use and create opportunities to form their children's character and reach their potential.
  • Meet and exchange views with other couples committed to improving their family life.
  • Remember that being parents of small children should be fun.