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1. Always Speak Well Of each Other

It can become so easy to blow off some steam at a night out with friends and talk about the tiny things that bug you about your partner. But this will set a negative environment for your relationship. It’s best to speak well of your partner, even more so when you’re not together.

“We only speak well of each other”

2. Break Away From The Hollywood Illusion Of Marriage

Hollywood sells the illusion that after we get married, we’re off into the sunset, and it’s all perfect from there. But that is really when the real work starts. It’s important to go into marriage knowing this. It’s not a bad thing that people think love is mean’t to be, we just need to remember that anything good you work for, you have to put some effort.

“I think people are a bit shocked that marriage is hard”

3. Seek to improve your marriage from the start

It’s important to be a couple that is trying to have the best marriage that you can, right from the start. Not 20 years in when you’ve already got problems or resentments. Working on problems early in a marriage is sure to increase longevity.

“You really get to know each other, and you see each other’s strengths, and you see each other’s weaknesses.

4. Have dates……… home!

The following is an excerpt from episode #16 of The Parent-Teacher Project with Nadim, Tamara El-Rahi & Isabel Thomas.

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