1. Everyone learns, not just the children.

Many tips in this series are focused on raising your kids as best as you can. But a lot of these tips are applicable to parents & teachers too (As well as podcast hosts). For example, much of our content focuses on digital minimalism, and how we can prevent our children from too much screen time. But this is not just a problem for children, excessive screen time is a problem faced by people of all ages. Always remember that anything you teach your kids, can still be applicable for yourself (just like your “please and thank yous”)

2. Podcast Charts are great, but they’re not everything

It’s a nice thing to see, when you open up Apple Podcasts and see your podcast rank in the top 3 for parenting. But if that’s the goal, then a ranking is all your podcast will ever be. Podcasts should be released to be informative, to inspire, to learn. Not to brag about downloads, making money, or public status. Having the right intentions is how you will stay relevant long term in the podcast game.

3. Always try to grow, Be open to changing your mind.

As a podcast host I talk with various different personalities. The best part of a good conversation isn’t what’s being said, it’s what is being remembered on the drive home, or the next day. Many of my own opinions are challenged throughout this series, for example in episode #20 Martin Fitgzergald talks about freedom in a way that I had never thought before. I like many, had the interpretation that freedom was to be able to do whatever I liked. But Martin challenged this notion and believes a lot of discipline in your life, will result in you becoming a free person. This was just one of many circumstances where my view on a subject had changed just through a conversation.

4. If it’s not applicable now, it might be in the future

So you’re single and saying to yourself, how will a podcast titled “Ideas For Strengthening Your Marriage” help me with my life right now? Well that’s a fair point. But many concepts in these conversations can be applied to other areas of life. For example in episode #16 of our podcast Nadim El-Rahi says to “Always speak well of each other, even when not together”. In this context he’s talking about his wife and his marriage, but this can be applied to any relationship in life. Imagine if you and all of your friends only spoke well of each other all the time, this is a shortcut to a positive atmosphere, and positive life.

This article was inspired by episode #21 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Working Together: The Team Behind The Podcast with Jessica George, Marianne Ng, Bernadette Bucalon and Nathan Frazer.

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